New ap makes blogging easier ‘with luck’

When I was made redundant it fell in line with Christmas, which was a pain but a bonus also, we pent the cash and I had an iPad…
Today I found this ap hopefully it will make blogging far easier at present finding the whole process rather a stress and so want o use my new toy to it’s full.
I will let ou know how it goes, watch this space…

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My first lucky find of the year.

I was wandering along in the rain, when I noticed a sari hanging in the window of the local charity shop. It caught my eye as the day was so dark and rainy it was the one bright colour.


Charity shop find


I am now on the outlook for a pattern to inspire me. I want a dress or tunic that will make the most of the gold border. I have read that because it is woven I don’t need to worry about following the grain of the material, and so can make the most of the fabric. From the bits left a scarf, and even a bag if there is enough. Maybe combining it with another fabric I can even stretch it to a journal cover for my sketch book, that should encourage me to sketch more.

Some of my other lucky finds this last few weeks include a bag full of fabric samples.

I am thinking maybe cushion covers, or even a jacket from the brightly coloured fabrics. Who knows I just need the patterns and the inclination, that I hope will be the easy part.


While on holiday this year I spent a lot of time collecting beach glass  small pebbles and shells, these I have started making into small pieces of jewelry. I also have wire some bought and some reclaimed and am knitting it into at the moment bracelets and necklaces. I hope to do much more of this over the next year. I would also like to know what you think if you have time to comment.


Found on the beach

Glass, pebbles and small shells found on the beach



Well I have started the journey the next step will be back to Art Society, they don’t meet at this time of year so I am patiently waiting for them to start meeting again. In the mean time I will continue to update this blog and can’t wait to put my first sketches and paintings on here.

Hope you come back to check out the pages as I move forward with this project.


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Back for good late resolution.

Here I am I made it back after my mad return to work. Later this evening I will start the first of weekly updated blog, it will be my creative blog. After being made redundant in December it has taken a while to adjust to new routines but now I am ready to share my creative thoughts so, later tonight will be the first step of the journey join me.

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Knitting… who could have guessed!

Yesterday I spent the day reclaiming wire from a broken electric tin opener, and knitting it…

I was at a loss I had tried the beady thing and it wasn’t working as I felt there wasn’t enough room for me to be creative.

I was using charts and instructions. You need to know now that I don’t respond well to instructions so bear with me.

Anyway they were looking flat no life, not what I was looking for. Then I had a thought, what if I knitted the beads. I tried but that was too floppy. This sounds like a fairy tale now… this was too soft and that was too salty and so it goes and so it goes…

Anyway, I remembered seeing an old electric tin opener next to the shed waiting for a tip run. I cut off the cable, stripped it down, to two strips of copper wire, looking just like skeins of hair and there it was my raw material, for free too!

Mental note, I may go that colour in the autumn…

So up to the work box to find the finest knitting needles I have and I am off. I am loving it, it’s a pain joining the wire and would be better if it was on a continuous spool, but what the hell, its fun.

It is looking alive and that’s what I wanted.

Next stop the beach, I have some ideas for mixing the knitting and some beach finds, particularly sea glass, and small treasure pebbles.

Will post a pic when one is complete, only trouble now is how do you finish off…..

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No work for 2 weeks!

Day 2 of my holiday finds me looking! I need time to be creative and this feels like it.

I looked around the library and saw a small stack of books, ‘beading’ was in the title, so here I am. I have 4 books on beading one an encyclopedia and one a bible no less. I have found inspiration, I have been up since 5, my brain whizzing with dazzling colours and shapes.

One piece a day, for the next 14 days, if not a full piece then a sketch or a group of things gathered in order to make later. A promise I intend to keep…

Sketching, I have been sketching not done it for a while but love to do it. When you are rusty things don’t flow so I am intending to start again and allow them to flow for a while.

So stay tuned for pictures that will show. Will I keep my promise? I hope so for me…

My Clock

What time is it?

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What’s in a name

Well here again, but those who have read this blog over the last couple of days will notice the name has changed many times already. A name needs to evoke some of the content, if its a person an animal or a blog. I thought yesterday this blog was about dreaming, but I’ve slept since then. It is more I think about unravelling my thoughts, like winding a much loved wooly jumper back into a ball of wool so that it can be remade into a much loved cardigan, or two children’s jumpers. So here I am proposing another change.
The unravelled mind.
Knitting my thoughts, weaving fog more like. I am giving no apologies for this entry though, if you read it and get an idea let me know.
I will sit and relax later when I unwind my thoughts for the blog, but this name thing was playing on my mind, interrupting my thought patterns, invading my space. When this is right it will be right and it will flow. So please bear with me.

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Just sitting thinking…

I am sat feet up gazing out through the open door into the garden, it’s over cast, but warm. I can hear the steady rhythmic thudding of the treadmill in the shed. It’s me time, everyone is fed and all are taking time out. Even the animals are lounging, the calm before the storm, when all of a sudden they will be shaken into activity once again. 

At the moment the only thing I can think is where should I put the chicken coop and run? I am sure the end of the garden is the right place, but until we build the coop I am not sure if it will be big enough. I don’t want to make life difficult it needs to be easily accessed to clean, or to visit. I plan to do a lot of sitting and chatting and thinking and sketching. I am secretly hoping they will rekindle my passion for painting and sculpting, the kiln has been cold for too long and I am looking for inspiration. Something different to keep me thinking, to keep me on my toes. Maybe this could be the start… not really sure what I want it to be the start of! I have wandered for a while, putting a lot of time and effort into work, neglecting family and friends, neglecting me.

Well it seems like that’s it, that’s what needs to change. Time for us, time for this, time to relax to think and try out new things. Adult playtime, artists play time. The definition of play is that it should be intrinsically motivated, and for no outcome or gain. Time I practiced what I preach.

So my next thought is what breed of chicken do I need. I have room for three and they will need to meet a list of criteria. In order to fit into our home and lifestyle they should be calm, relaxed, no fast movers, or fliers, not too noisy, happy and chatty. Not sure that chickens smile but if they could mine should expect to. Eggs are not my primary concern, but pretty eggs would be a bonus, it would be lovely to hand over spare pale blue or pink spotted or chocolate eggs to family and friends.

Maybe that’s a wish too far… but it’s still a secret wish.

You can only see one run here but I have 2 to make sure the girls have enough room when they aren't out wandering through the garden.

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